Louise RC - GT-TARMAC - MFT Technology - 1-8 Buggy Banden Set - Verlijmd op velg - Super Soft - Spaakvelgen Zwart

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Micro Fiber Tech Features (MFT): - New innovation and technlogy - Reduces over balooning - More ridgid overall tire structure - Less distorsion/flex - Stable and even contact with the road surface - More grip and longer tire life LESS WEIGHT, LESS BALLOONING, LESS DISTORTION, MORE DURABLE Micro Fiber Tech (MFT) is a new innovation and technology, which combine with the unique weaving and a special adhesive formula that perfectly bonds with tires. Therefore, its quality is retained over the entire lifetime of the product. During the driving, MFT efficiently reduces and limits the rate of distortion and deformation of the tire, which is giving you a much more stable and a pleasant driving experience. MFT not only enhances the durability of the tire but also provides ultimate performance on traction and grip. Come get it! You will know its performance is far beyond your imagination.