MST MS-01D 4WD 1/10 Drift RTR BMW 320si


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  • Wheelbase: 257mm (adjustable)
  • Width: 186mm (adjustable)
  • Gear ratio: 2.0 (36T/18T)
  • CS ratio: 1.54 (40T/13T)
  • Caster: 4°, 7°, 11°, 14° (adjustable)
  • Camber: 0° to -12° (adjustable)
  • Front: Aluminium one-way
  • Rear: Spool


MST MS-01D is a high performance drift car with a special pillowball suspension & A arm system. This offers you perfect traction. There is a full range of upgrades available to improve the cars handeling. Perfect for beginners to enjoy the fun RC Drifting out of the box with this asure of drifting with MS-01D chassis.