MST FMX 2.0 Drifter Kit wheel base 257mm MST532168


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FMX-D Kit 1/10 RWD Drift Car


FMX is a low-threshold high-end rear drift car. It is designed for the mid motor and centralized structures. The lower and upper decks are made by the high rigidity lightweight carbon. Equipments the standard professional aluminum damper set TR56. It is undoubtedly a performance-oriented rear drive car and easy to entry.

The strengths of the FMX combined with an even more centralized body, that is the new generation, the FMX 2.0.

The rear suspension system optimized for rear-wheel drive cars allows large and variable steering angles

with two selectable Ackermann settings. This makes extreme drifting angles possible, which make it easier for beginners to get started.

The chassis, including the lower and double vertical deck, is made of carbon fiber, which proves to be extremely stiff and nearly unbreakable. Due to the vertical structure of the upper deck, a very good cooling of the electronic components is ensured.

The efficient transmission of power via steel CVDs and the newly designed MB Multilink suspension system on the rear axle allow very sensitive metering of throttle commands and the brake.

  • Dustproof gearbox
  • Full ball bearing
  • CVD drive shafts for less vibration and improved power transfer
  • Central positioned motor
  • New suspension system at the front as well as at the rear side
  • Oil pressure shock absorbers made of aluminum for more precision and longer durability
  • Equipped with realistic brake discs and calipers (deco)


WHEELBASE : STANDARD 257mm (adjustable)
WIDTH : STANDARD 190mm (adjustable)
GEAR RATIO : 3.08 (40T/13T)
CASTER :  8 degrees variableness
CAMBER : 0 to -12 degrees
Mid motor shaft drive system
TR56 Alum. shocks
Shaft drive system
Great front steering angle
Carbon lower and upper decks
Rear differential system
Realistic lined brake disc and caliper

Necessary equipment:

Body shell

2-channel remote control (3 channel for special functions such as light, sound, etc.)

Motor (brushed or brushless)

Pinion gear

ESC Reciever

Steering servo


Tires and rims

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